Updates to the Zultron CAD/CAM repos

This post is important only to anyone using the Zultron CAD/CAM repos before 2012-07. New users can follow instructions on the repo page: http://www.zultron.com/rpm-repo/ Existing users new since 2012-07 and users who already followed these instructions can simply run yum update and things should work properly.

Some of the packages from this repo are now in Fedora and RPMFusion. If you don't already enable RPMFusion, you will need to follow the instructions at this link: http://rpmfusion.org/Configuration.

In addition to enabling RPMFusion, you may need to clean up the old Zultron packages, for certain if you used the older 'FreeCAD' package (the new one is all lower-case, 'freecad') from here. The old packages may be cleaned up like this (it shouldn't hurt to run this even if none of the old packages are installed):

yum remove Pivy OpenCASCADE FreeCAD

Then just replace FreeCAD with the new version:

yum install freecad

Thanks to Richard Shaw for his tireless effort pushing these packages into the big repos.


Ryan KJuly 8th, 2012 at 5:17 am

I’ve followed the install instructions for your repo on F17, but after I run yum install freecad I get a dependency error regarding the libboost libraries:
Error: Package: freecad-0.12-6.fc16.x86_64 (zultron-cadcam)
Requires: libboost_signals-mt.so.1.47.0()(64bit)
Error: Package: freecad-0.12-6.fc16.x86_64 (zultron-cadcam)
Requires: libboost_system-mt.so.1.47.0()(64bit)
Error: Package: freecad-0.12-6.fc16.x86_64 (zultron-cadcam)
Requires: libboost_regex-mt.so.1.47.0()(64bit)
Error: Package: freecad-0.12-6.fc16.x86_64 (zultron-cadcam)
Requires: libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.47.0()(64bit)
Error: Package: freecad-0.12-6.fc16.x86_64 (zultron-cadcam)
Requires: libboost_thread-mt.so.1.47.0()(64bit)
Error: Package: freecad-0.12-6.fc16.x86_64 (zultron-cadcam)
Requires: libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.47.0()(64bit)

I see “fc16″ in the package version strings. Is this something that is supposed to be “fc17″ ? Thanks for any help you can offer

jmanJuly 8th, 2012 at 5:59 am

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the email exchange, and I’m glad things started working for you, wish I could have helped more!

Julian LambJuly 10th, 2012 at 9:29 am

The FC17 freecad package works great! Thanks so much for your efforts!

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